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  • Peeranha42 Client

    The P42 Client is the core of Peeranha42. The special plugin architecture of the client assures unlimited numbers of add-ons, so that the client can be used in all kinds of application areas. Moreover the client offeres client-server-like access to p2p technology. So that every developer can create p2p software easily.

  • P42 Development Kit

    The P42 Development Kit gives support to developers of P42 Plugins. It contains a large collection of tools, documentations, tutorials and examples. Thus makes it possible to develope p2p applications without getting in touch with p2p technology itself.

P42 Plugins

There are already a few P42 Plugins for testing the P42 Client. They demonstrate the power of the Peeranha42 and can be seen as examples for developers of P42 Plugins as well.

  • P42 Chat

    P42 Chat is an instant messanging plugin for the P42 Client that supports conferencing in JXTA(TM)-Peergroups.

  • P42 Chess

    P42 Chess is a gaming plugin for the P42 Client. Besides 1-on-1 chess matches over the JXTA(TM) network the plugin furthermore supports group matches.

  • P42 Filesharing

    P42 Filesharing is a filesharing plugin for the P42 Client. Its special feature is the use of so called overlaynetwork technologie that focus on reducing the signaling traffic in p2p networks, especially the traffic of search queries.

  • P42 GameLobby

    P42 GameLobby is a game portal where people can meet each other and play games together.

  • P42 Peerbay

    P42 Peerbay is a auction system that bases on the p2p networks of JXTA(TM).

  • P42 Pirate Radio

    P42 Pirate Radio allows users to create their own radio station in the internet. Therefore P42 Pirate Radio streams mp3-files in the p2p network which can be received by other users of P42 Pirate Radio.

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Latest News
01.07.2005 : Release of Peeranha42 1.3 and P42 Chat 1.2

29.06.2005 : Release of P42 Programer's Guide

13.06.2005 : Release of Peeranha42 1.2.1

09.06.2005 : Release of Peeranha42 1.2, P42 Chat 1.1 and P42 Pirate Radio 0.2.5

07.06.2005 : Release of P42 Chess 1.0.1, P42 Filesharing 1.0, P42 GameLobby 0.6 and P42 Peerbay 0.4

22.05.2005 : Release of Peeranha42 1.1, P42 Chat 1.0, P42 Chess 1.0 and P42 Filesharing 0.9

16.05.2005 : Release of P42 Chat 0.9.2 and initial release of P42 Peerbay 0.3


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